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Lone Graves, East Wenatchee - Austin Lamb
East Wenatchee, WA 98802
T22N      SEC 9
East Wenatchee, Douglas County, WA
Austin Lamb  1823 - 1906.  The grave site is located east of East Wenatchee and Pangborn, on a knoll.  Go east on Grant Road and turn left on North Slack.  Make a right turn on 5th St.  Go through the orchard and straight up the hill past the house on the left.  It is about .5 mile after leaving North Stark.  The grave is on the right side of the road, straight south of the Greater Wenatchee Irrigation Reservoir, about 150 feet.
There is an article "Lone Gravestone Alone No More" in the Wenatchee World , 26 May 1965:"A short procession of horse drawn rigs climbed the knoll east of what is nor East Wenatchee that December day of 1906 ..."
Photo from "Wenatchee World" 26 May 1965 - Leaning marble slab at the end of a sunken grave is a lonely relic of the early 1900s ...