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Lone Graves, CRO Orchards - Sister of Chief Moses
Columbia River, WA
T21N R22E SEC 21
Buried near CRO Orchards along the Columbia River, Douglas County, WA.  Sister of Chief Moses. Grave site is on the hill above where the town of Columbia River used to be, at the mouth of Douglas Creek,  along  the Great Northern Railroad.  Found in the Fall of 1999.
The burial site consists of a single grave site and monument, on the bluff overlooking the former town of Columbia River, now gone, and the Columbia River. The cemetery is on private property next to a residence.  Please do not trespass.
The "Indian Princess"  buried here was Sin Scinto, sister of the famous Chief Moses, headman  of the Columbia (or Sinkiuse or Moses) Tribe, which was dominant throughout the western Okanogan, Chelan, Wenatchee, and Middle Columbia areas.  She went with her brother to Washington, D.C. to meet the President and First Lady, and was respected and considered almost as a sub-chief, highly unusual for a woman.
The monument reads: "SIN SCINTO  Revered sister of Chief Moses, mother of Chil-Lee-Leet-Sah, Represented with Moses in 1879 Indian Conference, Wash. D.C."
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