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Lone Graves, Peshastin, Ingalls Creek - Fred Erickson
Ingalls Creek
Peshastin, WA 98847 USA
Lat: 47º 22' 58" N, Lon: 120º 39' 12" W  T23N R17E SEC 29
Contributed by Fred Pflugrath 23 Sep 2000
Grave site was located in the Blewett Pass area about 5 1/2 miles up Ingalls Creek in the Peshastin Creek drainage..
Fred Ericson was a good friend of John Walden who built the original Ingalls Creek Lodge on Ingalls Creek.  John had a psychic tell him where to find the body. His body was found in a slide area near his cabin. He had apparently tried to ski out of the way of the slide and it buried him. Ericson's friends erected a box-like marker over his grave that Don Archambault keeps up..  Near its site sits a Jones and Jones metal marker, as well as a pick and shovel that have leaned up against the box for years.  Wenatchee Daily World, Nov 4, 1986.
Fred Ericson grave site Photo coutesy of Fred Pflugrath.