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Lone Graves, Chelan, Mt .Olivet - John Preston
Chelan, WA
Contributed by Fred Pflugrath  fpflug@nwi.net
Lone grave is in an abandoned cemetery (Chelan's 1st Cemetery - Mt. Olivet) near Chelan, WA. Recorded Oct 1965.  Age 62 - John Preston.was 62 years old per the photo of his original headstone.  He drowned in Lake Chelan and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery.  The photo to the right pictures the original upright stone set in Mt. Olivet and appears to show an emplty grave behind the stone.  Most of the old graves were moved to Fraternal Cemetery, but only flat stones were allowed in Fraternal.
A memorial has been established on Find A Grave for John Preston showing a flat headstone in Mount Olivet Cemetery.  The memorial claims he was 50 years old and was a cripple. Death date is listed as Aug. 26, 1899.  He  presumably started to cross Lake Chelan in a small boat to get his mail from the mail steamer.  His body was found floating about 1/4 mile off shore.  The usual signs of drowning were absent,  but no inquest was ordered and the funeral took place at the Chelan Cemetery.  
Original stone - Mt. Olivet
Writing on the back of the photo.