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Lone Graves, outside Riverside Cemetery - Frank Watkins
Riverside, WA
Lat. 48º 29' 40" N, Lon: 119º 30' 08" W
T35N R26E SEC 36
Frank Watkins grave site is located on the Old Riverside Hwy about 1/4 mile south of the Riverside Hwy.  Frank Watkins was a cattle rustler killed in his sleep in the loft of Kendall's Livery Stable about 1904.  He was buried in a separate plot outside of the cemetery.  The gravesite was later included in the corner of the Riverside Cemetery.
Inscription reads; "Layed to rest outside the town cemetery after he was shot to death in a Riverside Livery Stable about 1904.    He just had too many horses in his coral"
Photo by Chuck Flint
Photo by Chuck Flint