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Riverview Cemetery
Chelan, WA 98816
Lat:47º 49' 59" N, Lon: 119º 59' 39" W  T27N R23E SEC 18
Contrubuted by Maggie Rail 26 Dec 1999 [mrail@asisna.com]
Last updated by Fred Pflugrath  fpflug@nwi.net
Riverview lies on the east side of Chelan on the Riverview Cemetery Road.  To reach the cemetery turn south onto Clifford from Woodin St.  Continue for 3 blocks, at which time it turns into Riverview Cemetery Road.  Continue for about 0.3 mile.  The road ends at the Cemetery.
This cemetery was established in August of 1929 on land donated by J.A. Van Slyke. This was 5 acres of land designated to be used for burials and called Memorial Cemetery. Later the name for the cemetery became Riverview Cemetery. The first burial listed in this survey is 1923. There are several unknown burials here and there and there may be some buried before that time. In about 1954 Cemetery District #4 was formed, which takes care of both Riverview and Fraternal cemeteries in Chelan.
Location updated by Dick and Paula Banning Sep 2006.
There are no records online at this time, but hard copies of cemetery records are available at the WAGS Library.
Photo courtesy of Dick and Paul Banning (WAGS)
Photo courtesy of Dick and Paul Banning (WAGS)