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Blewett Cemetery
Blewett, WA 98847 USA
Lat: 47º 25' 14" N, Lon: 120º 39' 38" W (Approximate)
Contributed by Fred Pflugarth who walked the cemetery.  Last update - 2018.  Additions and/or corrections, please contact fpflug@nwi.net  Obits for most are on file at the  WAGS Library.
The cemetery is near Culver Springs on the west side of Highway 97 and west of Peshastin Creek.  You go up Olden Gulch, near Culver Springs, then  275 feet uphill from the bridge.  Turn right along side of a magnificent cedar tree and the cemetery is just 50 feet away.  Look for a giant fir and lovely mountain ash.  The trail to the gravesite is across the highway from the US National Register of Historic Places established in 1974.  Follow the guardrail to the left until you see a broken down wooden staircase on the other side of the rail.  At the bottom of the staircase is the Old Blewett arrastra.  The gravesite is located above the arrastra.
Fred Pflugrath visited the cemetery again in July 2005.  It was located upstream of the old stamp mill on the west side of the creek in a grove of cedar trees - the oldest tree probably about 100 years.  During the visit he did find the old fir tree that was girdled around the trunk shown below.  The tree has died either by a lightning strike or some other reason.  He found a single strand of cable around most of the cemetery with corner "pipes" in two corners.  There were homes both up stream and down stream from the cemetery.
The Blewett Cemetery, also known as the Blewett Pass Cemetery and Old Blewett Cemetery, was near the once active mines of Old Blewett.  It was originallly listed in Kittitas County, but is now in Chelan County.  The cemetery was located by Kate Bailey and Roy Wilder, who both grew up and attended grade school at the Blewett School. "Long Forgotten Graves Found At Old Blewett"  Wenatchee Daily World, Aug 15, 1966 and "Wilder Recalls Man In Forgotten Cemetery"  Wenatchee Daily World  Aug 16, 1966 tell some of stories of Old Blewett and those buried there.
National Historical Society Registryof Historical Monuments - 1974
Old Blewett Arrastra dates back to the earliest days of gold mining. The arrastra, built in 1861, was a circular trough in the bedrock where flat drag stones were geared to the water wheel to crush and grind ore exposing the gold.
Blewett mine site - "Ghost Towns of Washington, Chelan Co".
Arrastra water wheel at Old Blewett. Sitting at the top of the wheel is John Hill with John Olden seated at the bottom of the wheel. Both were early miners buried at Blewett Cemetery. Photo courtesy of Vic Pisoni from NW Underground Explorations.
Cable groove on base of tree at Old Blewett grave site. This tree is now dead, but the other corner post trees are still living. Photo by Fref Pflugrath.