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Lone Graves, Entiat Valley - James Franklin Cannon
Entiat, WA 98822
Contributed by Fred Pflugrath  fpflug@nwi.net
James Franklin Cannon,  the son of William Franklin and Clara (Harris) Cannon is buried under the rose bush at the corner of the Cannon home in Entiat Valley. b. May 5, 1894 d. Dec 1899
From Interview of Clara Harris Cannon - "You remember about by son, Frank, don't you?  I had some lye water that I had made by running water through an ash hopper.  I was planning on making soap with it.  I had set it out on the back stove while I got breakfast.  Mr. Cannon came in and he didn't like the smell of the lye so I sat it down on the floor.  I charged my mind to remember it.  Tom, my husband's brother, came by, and I was so glad to see someone that I ran out to talk with him, forgetting all about the lye.  It was so seldom that anyone passed by.  While I was outside, Frank, who was five, got up and took a drink of the lye water.  He was sick for several days and lingered on, but it killed him in the end.  I used to sit and study over it."
A Find A Grave memorial has been established at the Entiat Cemetery for James Franklin Cannon.