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Lone Graves, Blewett Pass, Scotty Creek - Pat King
Lat: 47º 22' 58" N, Lon: 120º 39' 12" W  T22N R17E SEC 24
Contributed by Fred Pflugrath 23 Sep 2000.  fpflug@nwi.net
Pat King was killed Sep 23, 1892 in a freight accident at age 18 or 19 He was buried at the site on the accident about 8 miles north of the summit of Blewett Pass along Scotty Creek Road about 1/4 mile from the bridge.  The grave is well kept with a white picket fence surrounding it.  "Gone but not forgotten."
"Under a tall tree along primitive Scotty Creek Road, a white picket fence encloses a mound of earth and a crudely lettered sign" - shaped like an upside down fish ...  .Along the Blewett Pass Hwy his memory is retained in yet another way -  a "King Creek Road." sign nearby .
The  story told by Don Archambault, a resident of the area since 1943, says that he was told by James McIntosh, a prospector who lived in Scotty Creek, that Pat King was probably on a wagon that broke down along the road.  The wagon was propped up by blocks and long poles were used to jack it up, but the wagon slipped off the blocks, pinning King underneath.  He was crushed, "So they planted him nearby."   He was 18 or maybe 19.  "Wenatchee World",  Nov 4, 1986
"Seattle Times",  29 June  1966:  A Seattle man, Fred F. Burmeister, who was born in the little mining town of Blewett and lived there until World War I, told this story: "Pat King was a lumberjack, about 40, who was killed while felling trees for a mining-company sawmill.  The logger was buried near the place where he died.  A telephone crew replaced the the grave's original fence about 1905. Hunters and campers have continued the tradition". A small metal sign on the low picket fence and barely visible, reads "Installed by Gary Ronning, Robert Vargas, David Starr, Peter Christofferson - 1959".
Photo courtesy of Wenatchee World
Photo courtesy Arthur Allen "Art" Moore III, added FAG 8/15/2010