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Mt. Calvary Cemetery
Wenatchee, WA 98801
Mt. Calvary Cemetery was located behind the Home of Peace Mausoleum near Wenatchee High School.  I have been told that all of the graves were moved by Seattle Power and Light (I think that is the correct name - the same people that built Rock Island Dam) because they needed a lot for a substation.  I went in person to the PUD office asking is they have any information as to who was there and was moved to other cemeteries. No answer.  I guess I will go to a commissioner and get my information. (I also asked for a listing of graves that were moved when Rocky Reach Dam went in - either in the Entiat area or between Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.)  We have had some people in the Jones an Jones records listed as being buried in Mt. Calvary - but have no idea as to where they are now.  I am guessing that they are below the substation.  Fred Pflugrath  fpflug@nwi.net