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Ballard Family Cemetery
Stayman Flats, WA 98816 USA
Lat: 47º 46' 52" N, Lon: 120º 06' 48" W
T26N R22E SEC 6
Contributed by Fred Pflugrath and Dick Banning.
Last updated 28 Feb 2002.  Any additions and/or corrections, please contact Fred Pflugrath fpflug@nwi.net  Thanks! The Ballard Cemetery is on Stayman Flats located below the Knapp Hill Tunnel on Hwy 97A between Entiat and Chelan. This is a  private family cemetery Permission must be gained from the private property owner. 
From EntiatAt the intersection of Hwy 97A and Risk Street, go north  8.0 miles on Hwy 97A to Stayman Flats Road.  Proceed 3 miles north on Stayman Flats Road.  Turn west/left onto an unmarked narrow partly paved road.  Proceed up the hill 0.7 of a mile to a house. The cemetery is located approximately 200 feet beyond the house on a small knoll.  The cemetery is about 1/2 acre surrounded by a chain link fence containing six graves.
From Chelan: At the intersection of Hwy 97A and Hwy 971, proceed south 6.9 miles on 97A and turn left onto Stayman Flats Road.
The Ballard family lived in the area of Lakeside, Chelan County before the 1910 census.  The family burial ground is near the site of the families' first cabin on the edge of Ballard Flats overlooking the Columbia River.  The Ballard family operated a 240 acre farm/orchard on Dover Flats, now Stayman Flats, until their land began to be overrun by setbacks for the railroad and  by rising water behind the Rocky Reach Dam. 
Homesteaders of Chelan Butte by Ford Van Voorhis is an excellent resource for this family.  The book is available at the WAGS Library. [WA CO-04  979.935  Chelan Butte]
Martin E. Ballard, Jr.- Photo courtesy of Dick and Paula Banning (WAGS)
Theodore R. and Edith R. Ballard - Photo courtesy of Dick and Paula Banning (WAGS)
Edna M. and Martin E. Ballard, Sr. - Photo courtesy of Dick and Paula Banning (WAGS)
Plat map of Stayman Flats - Source "Homesteaders of Chelan Butte"
Picture taken on their homestead on the Chelan Butte in Washington State. Left to Right Clifford Ballard, Martin E Ballard Sr.,Martin E Ballard Jr.,Theodore R. Ballard (my father), Lydia Sharpless, Martin Ballard, Anna Ballard