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Lone Graves, Monitor, Fairview Canyon - George E. Parish
Fairview Canyon
Monitor, WA 98836 USA
Lat: 47º 28' 07" N, 120º 25' 32" W (approximately)  T23N R19E SEC 23
The grave site is located about two miles south of Monitor in Fairview Canyon. (Private Property - No Trespassing!)
Civil War Tombstone Dedication for George W. Parrish
The gravestone dedication for George Parrish, who served in the G.A.R. (Grand Army of the Republic) from Pennsylvania, was held Tuesday, November 11, on the Niemela farm in Fairview Canyon, Monitor. A Civil War Veteran, Parrish was buried on his property in 1914. At that time there was no stone marker. The dedicated stone was provided by the United States Department of Defense.
The dedication was lead by Rev. Mike O'Neal of the Monitor Methodist Church. During the short ceremony, Rev. O'Neal read two prayers that were first used during the Civil War. He also played "Amazing Grace" sung at both George's and his wife's funerals on his concertina. At the conclusion of the ceremony "Taps" was played by Blake Baldwin, Cashmere High School, on his rotary trumpet.
After the conclusion of the ceremony, Fred Pflugrath gave a short history of George W. Parrish. Special guests included a member of the Sons of the G.A.R., Gar Pillar of Quincy, and Carnan Bergen a member of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans -Virginia.
If you wish to visit the grave site, ask permission from the owners of the land since it is located on private property. [Article in Cashmere Valley Record, written by Fred Pflugrath.]
More information is located in the Civil War Veterans Notebook - Veteran #102 -  see main menu of this website.
George W. Parrish