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Lone Graves, Chelan, Lakeside - Jeremiah Dunlee
Chelan, WA 98816
Jeremiah "Jerry" Dunlee -  Died Feb 6, 1901 at Rose Beach  near Lakeside, WA
of appendicitis, following an attack of la grippe.  He was buried on his farm adjoining Judge Navaree's place.  Mr. Dunlee was about 64 years old.  He was a soldier on the Confederate side during the rebellion, US 9th Cavalry 1863, and has for years followed the business of mining. ... Peace to his ashes.  (Thursday, February 14, 1901)  Contributed be Fred Pflugrath fpflug@nwi.net
See Civil War Veterans #38, Volume 2 on the main menu of this website.
At least two sources say that he was buried in a "lonely grave on the mountain side" on his property at Lakeside.  No records of him in Fraternal Cemetery, Chelan.